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JNP & Fair Harbor’s Beachwear Partnership: Diving into Sustainability

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Last Updated: February 19th, 2024
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JNP Merchandising has joined hands with Fair Harbor — a vision shaped by the sea and its stewards, a brother-sister team inspired by Fire Island’s coastal charm.

Fair Harbor crafts comfort, spun from the threads of responsibility. They turn threats — over 27 million plastic bottles — into threads, stitching a story of sustainability with every garment.

The partnership?

JNP’s distribution and merchandising miracles combine with Fair Harbor’s mission statement and values, weaving a future where fashion and the environment work in perfect harmony.

Join us.

As we shed light on the absolute beauty of JNP & Fair Harbor’s collaboration, we’re charting a course where every wave, every wear, matters.

It’s more than beachwear; it’s a story for tomorrow.

About Fair Harbor

Fair Harbor isn’t your average beachwear company. Founded on the sandy ethos of Fire Island by a dynamic brother-sister duo, this brand stands out for turning what we sip into what we zip.

That’s right, those plastic bottles that once held your favorite beverages are now the building blocks for Fair Harbor’s comfortable and sustainable beachwear.

The concept is straightforward: take recycled plastic bottles, work some magic, and voila! — high-quality, durable threads ready for sun, surf, and sustainability.

It’s not just about making beachwear that stands the test of time; it’s about ensuring our beaches do too.

At the heart of Fair Harbor’s philosophy is a deep respect for the ocean. They’re not just talking the eco-friendly talk; they’ve recycled millions of plastic bottles, keeping them from becoming oceanic eyesores.

And let’s be honest, no one wants to see a bottle do the backstroke while they’re doing the butterfly.

Every piece of beachwear is a testament to Fair Harbor’s commitment to protecting our waterways and coastal areas.

It aligns perfectly with their mission: to make waves in fashion while preventing them from washing up on our shores.

So, as Fair Harbor weaves recycled plastic into every fabric, they’re not only crafting clothing but also crafting a better future for our oceans.

It’s the kind of care that makes you feel good in your shorts — and about your choices.

Fair Harbor’s Product Range

Fair Harbor’s product range is a testament to its innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability.

They offer a diverse selection of beachwear for everyone—men, women, and kids. Their collection includes not just swimwear but also a range of comfortable, casual clothing perfect for those beach days and beyond.

For men, their best sellers include ‘The Anchor’ and ‘The Bayberry Trunk, each made from an average of 11 recycled plastic bottles, showcasing their unique take on sustainability.

‘The One Short’ is another versatile piece that’s made its name for both comfort and eco-friendly materials. These are designed with the beachgoer in mind, providing durability and style in one.

Women can explore a variety of clothing options including new arrivals and best sellers that feature shorts, skorts, leggings, and a range of tops from sweatshirts to tanks.

Their accessories aren’t just stylish add-ons but also part of the sustainable approach, ensuring you can outfit your entire beach day with environmentally friendly options.

For children, the range extends to new arrivals and best-selling items that resonate with the same commitment to sustainability and comfort.

Shorts and swimwear designed for play, comfort, and the preservation of the beaches they’ll enjoy, embody the essence of Fair Harbor’s mission.

Fair Harbor also takes great pride in its unique BreezeKnit™ fabric, which is used as a lining for swimwear, offering a soft, 4-way stretch material that provides extra support and all-day comfort.

This innovation solves the common problem of chafing with traditional mesh linings, making it a popular feature among customers.

Moreover, every piece of clothing from Fair Harbor not only adds to the style quotient but also contributes to a larger cause—keeping waterways and beaches cleaner.

It’s a brand that lets you enjoy the outdoors while also giving back to the environment.

Their range is not just about products, it’s about making a statement with what you wear, a statement that says you care for the planet as much as you care for good design and comfort.

This is a brand that stands for more than just fashion; it’s about a lifestyle choice that champions the health of our oceans and the joy of our coastal experiences

Sustainability Efforts

At the core of Fair Harbor’s ethos is a deep-seated reverence for our oceans and shorelines.

This respect for the environment isn’t just a tagline; it’s the thread that weaves through every aspect of their business.

With millions of plastic bottles already recycled, Fair Harbor stands at the forefront of significant change, curbing potential ocean pollution one bottle at a time.

But they don’t stop at just transforming bottles into beachwear. Fair Harbor’s commitment to a cleaner planet is a full-circle affair, epitomized by its swimwear recycling program.

By inviting customers to send back their well-loved Fair Harbor swimwear, the brand ensures that the end of one wave is the beginning of another, keeping their products in use and out of landfills.

It’s this promotion of a circular economy that’s setting a new tide in the industry.

Fair Harbor’s narrative is as much about the protection of our coastal communities as it is about the products they create.

Every stitch in their clothing is a commitment to protect and preserve the places we all cherish. It’s a story not just told but lived, through the hands-on beach cleanups they conduct and the environmental initiatives they support.

In their journey, Fair Harbor demonstrates that fashion can be a force for good.

They’re not just dressing customers; they’re drafting a blueprint for the industry, where every thread spun from recycled materials is a step towards a more sustainable future.

And perhaps, if the oceans could talk, they’d share tales of a little brand that could make a big difference.

The Partnership’s Goals

The alliance between JNP Merchandising and Fair Harbor is more than a business venture; it’s a shared vision for a sustainable future in beachwear.

Together, they are charting a course towards a broader horizon, making eco-friendly beachwear accessible to a wider audience.

JNP Merchandising brings its robust distribution network to the shore, ready to disseminate Fair Harbor’s innovative products far and wide.

This collaboration promises to blend JNP’s market reach with Fair Harbor’s commitment to sustainability, creating a wave of positive change in the market.

Their joint venture aims to redefine the norms of the promotional products industry.

By setting new standards for environmental responsibility, they aspire to influence other brands and consumers alike, turning the tide towards more conscious consumerism.

By harnessing JNP’s expertise in branding and distribution with Fair Harbor’s sustainable products, the partnership is poised to make a splash.

They are not just selling beachwear; they’re promoting a lifestyle that values the well-being of our planet.

Together, JNP Merchandising and Fair Harbor aim to clothe the world in beachwear that cares — for people, for the ocean, and for the future.

It’s a partnership that wears its heart on its beach towel, committed to ensuring that the only footprints left on the sand are those that lead towards sustainability.

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