Posted on March 31, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Unique & Thoughtful Podcast Gifts for Hosts

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Last Updated: February 16th, 2024
By: JNP Merch
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Attention all podcast enthusiasts and gift-giving aficionados!

Did you know that over 100 million Americans listen to podcasts regularly?

That’s right, according to a recent survey by Edison Research, podcasting has continued to grow at an astounding rate, with nearly one-third of the population tuning in each month.

And as the popularity of podcasts rises, so does the need for unique and thoughtful gifts to show appreciation for the hardworking hosts who bring us our favorite shows week after week.

At JNP Merchandising, we understand the importance of finding the perfect podcast gifts for any occasion, which is why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to podcast gifts for hosts.

Whether you’re a fellow podcaster, a dedicated listener, or just looking for a creative way to say “thank you,” we’ve got you covered with practical, fun, and affordable gift ideas that are sure to make your favorite hosts feel appreciated.

Get comfy, put on your headphones, and join us as we explore some fantastic podcast gift ideas.

We’ll cover everything from the ultimate gifts for your favorite hosts to five fun and practical presents that’ll show your appreciation.

Plus, we’ve got four creative and budget-friendly gift suggestions that every podcaster will adore, and we’ll even share some tips on where to snag the best deals on unique podcasting goodies.

Let’s get gifting!

What Makes the Perfect Podcast Gift for Hosts?

When it comes to choosing the perfect podcast gift for hosts, there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, you want to select a gift that is thoughtful and shows your appreciation for the hard work that goes into producing a podcast.

You also want to choose something unique and personal, and that reflects the interests and personality of the recipient.

One great option for a podcast host gift is to select a practical item that can be used during the production of their podcast.

For example, a high-quality microphone or headphones can make a big difference in the sound quality of a podcast and show that you recognize the importance of their work.

Other practical items that can make great gifts include pop filters, microphone stands, and studio lighting.

Another option is to choose a fun and unique gift that reflects the interests and personality of the podcast host.

For example, if the host is a fan of a particular TV show or movie, you could consider getting them a piece of merchandise related to that show.

If they are a foodie, a subscription to a meal kit delivery service could be a great choice. If they are into fitness, a stylish water bottle or workout gear could be a perfect fit.

Finally, when selecting a podcast gift, it’s important to keep in mind the budget you have available.

There are many great options available at a range of price points, from affordable items like enamel pins and stickers to more expensive items like high-end recording equipment or personalized artwork.

Ultimately, the best gift for a podcast host is one that is thoughtful, personal, and reflects your appreciation for their hard work.

By considering the recipient’s interests and personality, as well as your budget, you can find the perfect podcast gift to show your gratitude and support.

5 Great Ideas for Practical & Fun Podcast Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your favorite podcast host? Look no further than these 5 great ideas for practical and fun podcast gifts that are sure to show your appreciation and support.

  1. Personalized Podcast Artwork: Commissioning a piece of personalized artwork featuring the podcast’s logo or host can be a unique and meaningful gift. Whether it’s a digital illustration, a hand-drawn portrait, or a custom-made poster, personalized artwork is a great way to show your support and add a personal touch to the podcast host’s workspace.
  2. Podcast Merchandise: Many popular podcasts offer merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and other branded items. Purchasing merchandise not only supports the podcast financially but also provides a way for the host to show off their love for their show.
  3. Professional Podcast Equipment: For podcast hosts who take their craft seriously, professional-grade equipment can be a game-changer. Consider gifting a high-quality microphone, headphones, or other audio gear to help improve the sound quality of the podcast.
  4. Subscription to a Podcast Hosting Service: A subscription to a podcast hosting service, such as Libsyn or Buzzsprout, can be a practical and helpful gift for podcasters looking to expand their reach and grow their audience.
  5. Personalized Podcast Notebook: A notebook personalized with the podcast host’s name or logo can be a thoughtful and practical gift. This can serve as a dedicated space for the host to jot down ideas, notes, and interview questions for upcoming episodes.

Custom-branded gifts are a great way to add a personalized touch when shopping for a podcast-loving friend.

5 great gift ideas for podcast lovers:

1. Customized Podcast Listening Journal

A high-quality journal branded with the name or logo of your friend’s favorite podcast. This journal can be used to jot down thoughts, favorite episodes, quotes, or even ideas for podcasts they’d like to create themselves.

Why it’s Great: It’s a unique and functional gift that encourages them to engage more deeply with their favorite podcasts.

2. Personalized Acoustic Panels

Acoustic foam panels that can be customized with the name or logo of their favorite podcast or their podcast, if they host one. These panels improve the sound quality of a room, ideal for both listening and recording podcasts.

Why it’s Great: For those who podcast or aspire to start one, these panels are not just visually appealing but also acoustically functional.

3. Custom-engraved headphones

High-quality headphones that can be engraved with a name, initials, or even the title of their favorite podcast.

Why it’s Great: Any podcast lover will appreciate a pair of high-quality headphones. Custom engraving adds a personal touch, making the gift even more special.

4. Branded PopSocket or Phone Stand

A PopSocket or phone stand that’s been custom-branded with the logo or tagline from a favorite podcast. Ideal for hands-free listening or watching podcast video streams on the phone.

Why it’s Great: It’s a small, affordable gift that’s extremely useful for anyone who listens to podcasts on the go.

5. Customized Tote Bag or Backpack

A high-quality tote bag or backpack customized with the artwork or logo of their favorite podcast. It should have pockets that can accommodate headphones, a small notebook, or even a portable mic and recorder for on-the-go recording.

Why it’s Great: It’s a functional gift that they can use daily, and it serves as free advertising for the podcast they love.

These practical and fun podcast gifts are sure to show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication of podcast hosts or they’re just perfect for your podcasting-loving friends.

Whether you choose personalized artwork, professional equipment, or a subscription to a hosting service, these thoughtful gifts are sure to make a lasting impression.

4 Creative & Affordable Gifts That Every Podcaster Will Love

You don’t have to break the bank to find creative and affordable gifts that will make every podcaster smile. Here are four ideas for thoughtful and practical podcast presents that won’t cost you a fortune:

  1. Customized Podcast Stickers: Personalized stickers featuring the podcast’s logo or a memorable catchphrase can be a great addition to the host’s equipment or workspace. Stickers are affordable and fun, making them a perfect gift for podcasters on a budget.
  2. Portable Podcast Recording Booth: For podcasters who record on the go or in a less-than-ideal acoustic environment, a mobile recording booth can be a game-changer. This compact and affordable device is designed to minimize background noise and echoes, improving the overall sound quality of the podcast.
  3. Social Media Promotion: Promoting the podcast on social media is a great way to help the host grow their audience and reach new listeners. Consider offering your services to create eye-catching social media posts or help manage the podcast’s social media accounts.
  4. Digital Audio Editing Software: Editing is an essential part of podcast production, and having the right software can make all the difference. Gifting a subscription to digital audio editing software, such as Audacity or GarageBand, can be a valuable and affordable gift for any podcaster.

Affordable and creative gifts for podcasters, such as customized stickers or a portable recording booth, can make a lasting impact on their podcasting journey without breaking the bank.

These podcast gifts are sure to make any podcaster feel appreciated and supported. 

Whether you choose customized stickers, a portable recording booth, social media promotion, or digital audio editing software, these practical presents show that you recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into producing a podcast.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Unique Podcast Presents

If you’re on the hunt for unique and thoughtful gifts for podcast hosts, there are a variety of online stores and marketplaces to explore. Here are some of the best places to find great deals on podcast presents:

  1. JNP Merchandising: JNP is a popular online leader in gifting solutions for podcast hosts and for handmade and vintage items, including personalized podcast gifts, custom-made artwork, and other unique presents.
  2. Redbubble: Redbubble is an online store that offers a wide range of merchandise designed by independent artists, including stickers, t-shirts, phone cases, and other accessories featuring podcast logos and artwork.
  3. Amazon: Amazon is a great place to find a variety of podcast-related gifts, from microphones and audio equipment to books on podcasting and podcast marketing.
  4. PodSwag: PodSwag is a website that offers a variety of merchandise for popular podcasts, including t-shirts, hats, and other accessories. Many of these items are exclusive to PodSwag, making them unique and special gifts.
  5. Society6: Society6 is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of unique and creative gifts, including podcast-related items such as mugs, phone cases, and wall art.

Finding the best deals on unique and thoughtful podcast presents is easier than ever with the variety of online stores and marketplaces available.

Whether you choose to browse JNP for personalized gifts or visit PodSwag for exclusive podcast merchandise, these online stores offer a variety of options to fit any budget or taste.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What to get someone who has a podcast?

1. Consider practical items like microphones, headphones, pop filters, or studio lighting.
2. Personalized artwork with podcast logo or custom-made poster.
3. Podcast merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and stickers.
4. Choose something reflecting appreciation and passion for podcasting.

Q: Why do people love podcasts?

1. Convenient for on-the-go consumption.
2. A diverse range of topics catering to interests.
3. An intimate and personal listening experience.
4. Informative, entertaining, and engaging content.

Q: What do most people listen to podcasts on?

1. Smartphones and portable devices.
2. Podcast apps for iOS and Android.
3. Web browsers, smart speakers, and car systems.

Q: How much should you pay a podcast guest?

1. Varies based on the podcast’s reach and guest’s prominence.
2. Exposure/networking without pay or with an honorarium.
3. The amount depends on the value the guest brings and the budget.
4. Transparent communication on compensation is key.

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